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By having my name on the sets, does not mean that I am the original artist. I only take credit for
making the design (unless it is my own creation). After long hours of making these graphics,
the only things I ask for is to please link back to the site of the original artist and to
my place to give me credit for the design. And please sign my guestbook or send me an
with your URL so I can take a peek at your site.

OH! And another thing, to save the images, right click on the ones you want and chose 'save as'.
I hope you enjoy these graphics as much as I did making them.....
Thank you....

~Kayomi~ Honeymoon Kiss Morning Stroll
~Jonathon Earl Bowser~ Beckoning Light Luminous Wind
~Derek McCrea~ The Beach
~Josephine Wall~ Psyches Dream Bubble World

More coming soon.......*S*

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