Welcome to my New World!! :-)
I'm still learning and the best way to do that is "learning by doing"!

Using PSP and the great tutorials from Designs by JOY (Site is down), Graphic Distractions and Haylers Heavenly Creations,
has made me addicted to creating and designing. And so I decided to give my place a new look.

I've added some new pages, showing off my favorite tubes (the Haylers way*smile* still under construction) and Designer Tags that
I learned to do with the Designer Tag tutorials from Joy. There is also a special page with tutorial links for PSP.
I will be adding more as time passes.

By having my name and copyright on the pages, does not mean that I am the original artist of the images I used,
I only take credit for the design (unless it is MY OWN IMAGE CREATION *smile*).
I want to thank all of the artists that have been so kind to grant me permission to use their artwork. I hope you will
take the time to visit their sites and possibly sign their guestbooks, as a way of saying thank you for their kindness and for sharing
their great talent with us.

Okay, enough jabbering.......I hope you enjoy your visit and find something that you like.....
Thank you
Maurine (Silvercloud)

Oh!!! By the way... maybe you could even spare a little time to sign my new guestbook...(?)

Hello, well I've been working on some new things and finally got
my Gallery site up. At the moment there is only my Globe Gallery,
but I will be adding the other galleries as soon as I get them done.*smile*
I have also added two new web sets. “Luminous Wind” honoring Jonathon Earl Bowser
and a floral set using a beautiful daylily from CJ King's Garden Site. The images are used with permission.
remain COPYRIGHT © of their rightful owners. The design is COPYRIGHT ©
by Silvercloud's Design (that's me *grin* ).

Now for something serious:

I feel real good if I happen to see a web set of mine, that is being used by someone
else. That is what they are here for…. to share…..and enjoy. I put a lot of work and
heart into my web sets and it hurts to see them deformed. It isn't good for the reputation
of a designer. And that IS a reason for my asking NOT to alter my sets. Who would want
to go to the designers site after seeing such a distorted set. I will always help if someone
has trouble adding graphics or text. I know that some of you may have a hard time working
with HTML. I still have problems myself sometimes. If you need help…..it doesn't cost a
penny to ask. Just send me a feedback or mention it in my guestbook.
And if I can help……I WILL!!!!
Thank you and enjoy!!!

January 19, 2003
I would like to wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
After a major crash and losing all my data, at last I'm back online.
And I am getting back to creating! :o) I will be doing a lot of updates on, in and around my site.
Please be patient with me. There will be new Websets very soon. And some new stuff, too.

But right here I want to thank the most wonderful person in my life, for making this possible again.
He helped me getting my computer back up and running.

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Stephania from the WebTech University.

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