I hope you like this set. After long hours making these graphics, the only thing I ask for,
is to please put a link back to my place, to give me credit. For your convinience
I've put a matching logo to use as a link back to my Design Page.
If a set was made with a graphic and permission of another artist,
an appropriate link will also be provided.
Please use it to link back to the artist as well.
All images remain copyright of their rightful owners, known or unknown.
These graphics are for personal or non commercial sites, if you would like
to use any of them for a commercial site, please me and we can work something out.

Feel free to copy them to your own hard drive. Please, DO NOT link to them from here!!!!
Just right click the picture, button, bar, background, etc, and ‚save as' to your drive.
And.... send me an email , so I can take a peek at how you used them. :-)
Thanks !!!

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infringment is found, I apologize and will remove them immediatly if you email me.
If you see something that is yours and I have overlooked to provide appropriate credit for it,
please notify me by email so that I can make the correction.

You will also find work created with permission from several talented artists.
Please provide links back to all artists and my site where you have chosen to use my work.
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These sites are strictly made for the enjoyment of myself and others.

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