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Welcome! The look of my new site is a little different compared to my
old site. I am doing this because I have learned so much (and I'm still learning...*S*), that I want to share it with everyone. Showing the possibilities of what can be done with PSP and the great tutorials that I found on the World Wide Web.

Thank you and Enjoy!!! *S*
Maurine (Silvercloud)

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I want to thank all of the artists and poets, that have been kind enough to grant me
permission to use their artwork and poetry. I hope you will take the time to visit their sites
and possibly sign their Guestbooks as a way of saying thank you for their kindness
and for sharing their talent with us.

All images on these sites are COPYRIGHT © PROTECTED and remain
COPYRIGHT © of their rightful owners. These graphics are not to be
resold and/or redistributed in any form without written permission of the owners.

By having my name and copyright on the pages, does not mean that I am the
original artist. I only take credit for making the design (unless it is my own creation).
I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did making them.....
Thank you....
Maurine (Silvercloud)