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~In Honor of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law~

Please note: These graphics are transparent, but are made to fit only to a grey background.

Included in the MOON DREAMING set:
a bordered background, 7 prewritten buttons, a divider, a welcome header and a matching logobutton.

This webset is free for use on personal webpages. All I ask for, is that you provide a link back to me on the
SAME page where you are using this set. Use my logo below and link back to

Do not alter my backgroundsets or graphics in any way. Feel free to email me, if you need a button customized,
or if you want something special done. I don't charge anything for my Websets,
because I do this for my enjoyment and to share with others.
Download the images to your own server. Right click and save as.

font used: Cotillion
bkg color: #B3B1B4

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