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Welcome to the new RCT Fun!

After 3 years of handling the “willful lady” called RCT Fun, Charlene decided it was time to hand over the torch to some one else! So here I am! Burning my hands! Luckily Maurine stepped in too so we can share the “burning”!
Although RCT Fun is wearing a new dress now, I can assure you her character hasn't changed. She is and will stay as fun loving, colorful, humorous, and sometimes naughty, as ever!

Our deepest thanks go to Jo and Charlene!
Both Maurine and I wouldn't have been what we are now, both here and elsewhere in the RCT community, without them! They will not leave entirely and you can expect some wonderful contributions by their hand every now and then. And last but not least a “thank you” to
Jens for giving a new home to RCT Fun.
Maurine & Marjan
Webmasters (or should that be mistresses?)







RCT Fun Copyright © 2001. 2002, by CJK, © 2003 by CJK and Mama Bear. All rights reserved.
Please do not distribute any content from this site without prior written approval.
All parks, tracks, and custom scenery items are the property of their designer(s).
Artwork for all custom scenery items © 2002, 2003 by Charlene, Jo, Mama Bear, or Maurine.
Please e-mail the designer(s) for permission to distribute their work.
RCT2, RCT, CF, LL, © Chris Sawyer, Atari, Hasbro Interactive & Infogrames



Mama Bear (webmistress, scenery and park designer), Maurine (lil' webmistress) & Wolfgang

(scenery and park designers), Todd Lee (park designer),

Charlene & Jo (scenery designers)



Design Copyright © 2003, Maurine aka Silvercloud,

Silvercloud's Design, All Rights Reserved 

   ~~~~~~~~~Welcome to the new RCT Fun

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